Certificate In Nail Technology Course

1. Basic Knowledge of Nail’s Theory

• Professional Ethics & Image
• Color Theory
• Skin Appendages (Nails)
• Hand & Foot Bones
• Hand & Foot Muscles
• Nail Disorders
• Nail Diseases
• Fingernails & Toenails Care
• Nail Shop Business Administration
• Nail Art Service Chargers

2. Hand and Foot Care

• Basic Nail Tools Knowledge
• Correct Operation Order of Nail Tools
• Understanding of Various Type of Nails
• Buffer Board Knowledge
• Correct Trimming and Grinding Method
• Correct Pushing and Cutting Cuticle Method
• Hand and Foot Care Sequence
• Proper Nail Polish Colouring Method
• Water Mable Nail Art Techniques
• Proper Nail Removal and Maintenance Technique

3. Gel Nail Art

• Understanding of Various characteristics of Gel Nail Colour
• Apply nail colour techniques
• Matching of Flowers and Leaves Design
• 8 Basic Flower Painting Design
• Various Painting of Leaves
• Control of Thick and Thin Lines Technique
• Cartoon Drawing
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4. Gel Trendy Design

• Gel Nail Colour Blending Techniques
• Monochrome Gradient
• Two-Colour Gradient
• Multicolour Gradient
• Trendy Style Nail Art
• 3D Gel Sculpture

5. Gel Nail Extension

• Different Shape of Gel Extension
• Preparation for Gel Nail Extension
• Proper Way to Apply Paper Form
• Proper Way to Use Nail Tips Extension
• Nail Drilling Machine Technique
• The Usage of Extension Clips
• French Nail Extension
• Proper Way to Remove Gel Nail/Nail Tips Extension
• Gel Extension Removal After Care
• Gel Nail Extension Infill

6. Rhinestone Matching Techniques

• Understanding Different Ways to Stick Rhinestone
• Understanding Various Types of Rhinestone
• Techniques Matching Accessories
• Proper ways to increase durability of Rhinestone
• 180 ° Rhinestone Matching Techniques

7. Acrylic Sculpture Nail Art

• Understanding of Various Crystal Powder
• Crystal Powder and Crystal Water Control Technique
• Acrylic Carved Brush Skill
• 3D Carved Design
• 4D Carved Design
• 5D Carved Design
• 6D Carved Design
• Mixed Color 3D Carved Design

8. Acrylic Nail Extension

• Buffer Board Knowledge
• Polished Fingernails Skill
• Nail Plate Knowledge
• French Nail Extension
• Natural Extension Technique
• Nail Tips Correction
• Nail Extension Technique
• French Acrylic Extension Skill
• Shimmer Acrylic Extension Skill
• Tone Colour Extension Skill
• Blending Colour Extension Skill
• Proper Removal of Acrylic Extension Technique
• Acrylic Nail Infill
• Repairs & Injuries
• Colour Match Skill
• Background Design
Education Hours:
174 hours
1. Professional Acrylic Nail Advanced Certificate

2. SUB Professional Gel Nail Certificate


  • School with 22 years of Experience
  • Ranked 2nd in Asia, 1st in Malaysia by CIBTAC
  • Internationally recognised certificate issued by CIBTAC
  • Only the best International SUB Certified Instructors
  • All make-up, brushes, equipment and materials are included in the course fee.
  • More than just education, we future proof our students to be employment ready!
  • 95% of SUB BEAUTY’s graduates are employed within 5 months of completing their studies.